Manage Campaigns in Real-Time with Boards: A New uberVU via Hootsuite Guide

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July 9, 2014

Boards, uberVU via Hootsuite’s latest product innovation, are highly customized, interactive dashboards that our users can personalize to fit a specific task, job function or use case. We’re very excited about this new feature and can’t wait for you to start personalizing how you view and take action on your social data! That’s why we’ve created a few guides to get you started with Boards.

Boards are perfect for campaign management as they allow you to monitor all aspects of your campaign in real time, from one place. This guide will walk you through setting up a Board to manage a campaign—plus, how to easily report on that campaign’s success.


To learn more about how your company can incorporate social data from Boards across your entire organization, watch “Introducing Boards to the Enterprise,” a webinar where we shared an in-depth, live look at at this new feature.