How Charities Show they Care on Social: An Interview with Marie Curie Cancer Care

By Sam Milbrath



Charities today are increasingly turning to social media to help inform, educate, and connect with supporters. By building lasting and transparent relationships online, charities can show that they care and are genuinely interested in their supporters.

Marie Curie Cancer Care is a UK charity that has made it their mission to ensure that everyone has the best quality end of life care. Their network of Marie Curie Nurses care for thousands of people across the UK with terminal illness, while providing support for their families. We spoke about the charity with Stuart Witts, Social Media Manager at Marie Curie Cancer Care, and a recent presenter at Connect via Hootsuite London. Witts evangelizes the benefits of social across his entire organization and works toward effective implementation and strategic execution.

Our team had a chance to discuss how the entire organization uses social to inform and connect with supporters both regionally and internationally.

Introducing an interview with UK charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care:

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