How Marketo Uses Social Media to Improve Campaigns

marketo case studyMarketo is a leading provider of cloud-based marketing software for building, sustaining and engaging customer relationships. Its innovative software integrates marketing campaigns with multiple functions, including lead generation, customer acquisition, customer service and analytics for a holistic view of customers.

For businesses like Marketo, it is critical to gain visibility into the value of social media within an overall marketing effort, both for its own information and to address customer concerns. In the market for a powerful social relationship platform, Marketo set out to reach the following top-tier goals for social media:

  • Social Marketing: Engage in dynamic conversations and share relevant content.
  • Social Selling: Gain superior customer insights and increase sales productivity.
  • Social Customer Service: Accelerate response times and increase satisfaction.

Since integrating with HootSuite, Marketo has more than tripled their social media communities, tracked a significant portion of business revenue back to social, and achieved 93% customer satisfaction rate.

“Marketo relies on HootSuite as the centerpiece of its social media monitoring. HootSuite allows us to better understand the impact of social media and engage customers more strategically through social channels. As social media becomes a more important part of how our customers communicate, we will continue to invest here” – Sanjay Dholakia, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketo.

Track Business Revenue Back to Social Media

Marketo uses HootSuite to more effectively identify potential customers. By tapping into Twitter to target potential buyers, Marketo’s sales team is able to shorten the lead generation cycle. In turn, the sales team can attribute a significant portion of their total business revenue back to deals touched by a social channel.

“We definitely take advantage of Twitter’s targeting capabilities to reach potential buyers. In the same way that content is mapped, we map our tweets to the appropriate audience” – Carra Manahan, Marketing Programs Specialist, Marketo.

Tie Social Interactions Back to CRM Support System

Another innovative step that Marketo has taken is to closely integrate HootSuite with the CRM software of In turn, their support organization has achieved a customer satisfaction level of 93% and intend to grow their social support channel.

“Software vendor Marketo combines social customer service with traditional service channels using HootSuite and This additional layer of support adds to their multichannel customer engagement center which has seen the customer support organization achieve a customer satisfaction level of 93%.” – Kenneth Law, Customer Support Knowledge, Marketo.

As a leading social organization, Marketo’s journey provides excellent visibility into what other companies can achieve.

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