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Day in the Life of Owly HootSuite

You know we enjoy rounding-up HootSuite-related news to share with you. We listen to your comments and coverage with vigor and happiness each day.

This round-up includes ways for you to keep an eye on your competitors online using filtering and monitoring, some business tips for organizing your social toolkit, and finally, initial reactions after we released the first screenshots from the HootSuite for Blackberry app.

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Recently HootSuite has come out with even more tools that make it an even better viable alternative to the other Twitter clients out there.  In this article I will be discussing three new tools HootSuite has to offer.

CMS Wire — SMB Tech Roll-up: HootSuite Readies Blackberry Offering, SMBs Take to Hybrid SaaS

And where there’s iPhone there’s Blackberry too. Last week, HootSuite and the other SMB favorite joined up in beta and are to go to general release soon. Running a private beta for a little over a month now, it comes with functions like support for multiple accounts and metrics. – 4 New Features of HootSuite That Will Make Your Head Turn

HootSuite has also improved overall and has added a few more features I have not mentioned. I am impressed with the better response time of the site in general brought on by the HTML 5 enhancement. If you haven’t tried HootSuite in a while, giver another try. Maybe some of the new implementations will change your mind.

The SEO Experts Panel — Automating Twitter ‘ Hootsuite

If you do not have an extensive amount of information to post to your social networking accounts as updates, HootSuite may be the right tool for you. Because it is free, and very simple to use, it could be the answer to your time-consuming social network marketing.

Sitepoint — My Collection of Business Tools I Could Not Live Without

Alyssa Gregory lists her go-to gear in the communications category:

These services form the backbone of my communication processes.


HootSuite – Social media dashboard for managing multiple social networks.

Compukol — The Importance of Social Media Monitoring

The following are some of the most effective social media monitoring tools that are being used today:

HootSuite: You can manage multiple social media accounts across LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and MySpace. Even though HootSuite is actually an account management tool, it has a very large user base and has powerful functionality. When you have updates, you can add them to more than one social media profile at a time, click through, automate updates and monitor your buzz.

Blackberry Cool — Hootsuite Releases Screenshots of Upcoming BlackBerry App

Hootsuite is an app that was meant for BlackBerry and RIM should take a cue from their ability to manage multiple accounts at once. One of the coolest features of BlackBerry 6 is the ability to get an aggregate feed (Social Feeds) of Facebook, Twitter and RSS, but the problem is that the native clients don’t support some of the basic functionality of these social networks. With Twitter for BlackBerry, you can’t use multiple accounts and with Facebook for BlackBerry, you can’t manage pages. With Hootsuite for web, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, which according to the screenshot on the far right, Hootsuite for BlackBerry will be able to as well.

Note: Continue to sign-up for the HootSuite for Blackberry beta program list for early announcements and possible invites.

BBerry Dog — Images of Hootsuite for BlackBerry beta leaked, looking good

Few are lucky enough to have a taste of the Hootsuite beta, but I am hearing good things about it. Only to rub that in our faces, Hootsuite themselves have given us a peek at what the application looks like, and I am fully impressed. They kept it clean and simple, unlike many others, and it looks like they could be bringing the heat to the SocialScope team. I’m glad to see there’s still room for competition in the Twitter client world.

Note: A little friendly competition is good for everyone. Glad you enjoyed the “peek” and will have more for you soon!

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