Building a Reputation as a Brand-leader in Social Media – Case Study with MTV Latin America

HootSuite and MTV Latin America have paired up to tell the story of the network’s successful 2010 campaigns. The HootSuite social media dashboard was used to build brand awareness and establish MTV Latin America as an active and ground-breaking brand in social media. Campaigns included MTV Video Music Awards 2010, MTV Movie Awards 2010 and MTV Europe Music Awards 2010.

MTV Latin America broadcasts and promotes music related content including movies, music videos and reality TV with a strong focus on youth culture. With a mission to carry out a number of social media campaigns — and on over-arching goal to establish themselves as brand-leaders in this space — the HootSuite dashboard proved to be an instrument of success.
From Social Analytics to drag-and-drop, learn which tools the company used to hit new heights.

Download this case study (or embed it, or share it) today to pick up helpful tips for accelerating your campaigns.

HootSuite and MTV Latin America – Social Media for Leadership

International Versions
MTV Latin America & HootSuite – Social Media for Leadership (español)