New York Times, Forbes Articles Highlight HootSuite for Social Media Management

In a recent Forbes contributed piece, Jody Coughlin, CMO and Co-Founder of Chic CEO, curates her list of “10 Free Tools Every Female Entrepreneur Should Use”, and how she uses them to manage her business. She tops the list with what most consider a baseline need, Google Analytics, then follows that up with HootSuite, explaining that it is at the center of her social media management.

“HootSuite is a fabulous time saver and helps to organize all of your social networking into one dashboard,” says Coughlin.

Melinda Emerson
Melinda F. Emerson of Quintessence Media

In another recent contributed piece, this one appearing in New York Times, Melinda F. Emerson, Founder of Quintessence Media, asks and answers the question, “How Many Times Can You Tweet the Same Tweet?” Here, she offers some insight into her process, and tweet frequency. “When I publish a fresh piece of content, I always share it four times — every three hours the first day it is released,” she asserts. “As the week goes on, I reduce the number of times it’s tweeted. I use analytics to help me decide what content to keep sharing past the first week.”

That kind of frequency and scheduling is made possible by HootSuite, friends. Have a read of both pieces, and feel free to share with us in the comments what works for you.