Owly Spotted in The Wild ~ Fun HootSuite Photos

Owly On the Go

OwlsFor some Friday funtimes, rather than releases or tech information, this post is dedicated to globe-trotting Owls.

You see, our beloved mascot Owly HootSuite is often on the road, traveling to all sorts of interesting places.

We enjoy seeing evidence of Owly’s exploits (we worry after all) – so, when you capture Owly photos please send them our way. Upload your photos to Ow.ly (natch) or Flickr (tagged with “hootsuite” or photo of HootSuite) – then our trained ornithologists will identify and share.

Here are a few in the collection:

@jesswakeman and Owly check out Apples and Ben in London

Jess and Owly went all the way to London on a recent trip. They made a quick stop at the Apple store on Oxford Street before heading over to see Big Ben. Hmm surprised Owly didn’t get a mohawk while there.

Owly in London

All By Students Take Owly on a Roadtrip

The All by Students crew took Owly on a roadtrip and shared some snaps at some noteworthy landmarks. If you study in the States, check out more from their trip at: allbystudents.com.


Owly on the Road

@kempedmonds Indoctrinates the youth!

There is no such thing as “not old enough” when it comes to social media. Social media educator Kemp is already helping his nephew rock it HootSuite style!

Bam! Hootsuite, Hi DaveO!

@Miss604 is Vancouver’s Best for Twitter and Blog

Vancouver blogger deluxe, Rebecca Bollwitt uses HootSuite to dominate the social web with her popular blog and other media channels which just own her the “Best of Vancouver” prizes for best local Twitterer and (tied for) best Local Blog. Rebecca submitted this great photo, likely taken by HootSuite Blackberry beta tester John Bollwitt.

Miss604 rocks the HootSuite

@jasonkovacs photogs Owly at Launch Party 9 Vancouver

Launch Party Vancouver is a lively mixer for the city’s brightest entrepreneurs, tech junkies, and bloggers, who are doing it, have done it or want to make their ideas happen here. The goal of the event is to connect BC’s growing community of Internet and new media leaders with investors and other trailblazers across Canada and abroad. (more)

Owly at Launch Party 9 Vancouver

@arvid shares a bundle of Hoottreats in the Nederlands

One of the HootSuite Learning graduates – and a big HootSuite fan – Arvid took a photo of some HootSuite swag we sent his way. We hope to see a can of Dutch beer in that coozie soon (yikes did Owly go without an Orange shirt!)


@Mini_Yum_Yum – Hola Owly! Nice 2 see u enjoying the sun – send postcard soon

Wish you were here with Senor Owly spending some time hanging out in the sun? Good thing the sombrero provides ample shade!

Hola Mr.@HootSuite! Nice 2 see u enjoying the sun! (is it wrong that Im tweeting this from #Echofon? He he) thx @blackfootbette!

@kardboard says he, “Found the Beta Version of HootSuite”

Contrary to popular belief, Hooter The Booter is not a relative of Owly’s… Well, maybe a forty-second cousin, who knows?

I Found the Beta Version of HootSuite

Bonus, Blackfoot Bettie has a great pic of Hoot swag.


Have you seen Owly somewhere else in the wild? Share your pictures in the comments below. Another way to share your pictures with us is via Flickr by tagging your photos with HootSuite.