Using HootSuite for Real-Time Experience Engagement Over Multiple Twitter Profiles – Case Study with Play Television

Play Television in Spain had a unique challenge; they developed an experience that recreated each episode of the TV show El Barco on Twitter before each broadcast, but had only a small team to manage all 14 Twitter profiles.

Using HootSuite, the team was able to bring the characters from the TV show to life in the Twittersodios — literally a combination of the word  ”Twitter” and the word for “episodes” in Spanish.  In each Twittersodio, fans and followers could speak directly with their favorite characters, learning clues about the story and discussing plot lines.

Thanks to the search streams and team collaboration tools in the dashboard, the team sent over 150 messages for each Twittersodio, monitored thousands of mentions and was nimble with engagement strategy based on audience feedback. The first season of El Barco wrapped up in April of this year with a huge fan following and social media presence. As a result of their efforts the campaign hashtags trended in Spain every week before new episodes.

International Versions
Play Television & HootSuite – The Twittersodios Case Study (español, 日本語, Deutsch, português)