Scobleizer Visits Vancouver for Hockey and HootSuite

Tech blogging super-hero Robert Scoble (Rackspace etc.) visited Vancouver to participate in the VX Commerce Media Day event on a panel called “Wireless Meets Digital | Audio” plus take in some Olympic sports – including seeing the Canadian Women’s hockey team win Gold.

As he usually does, Robert visited local tech companies to shoot video of the remarkable work happening behind the scenes. He popped by HootSuite HQ after hours for a conversation with ace iPhone developer Richerd Chan about the features and development path of the iPhone and Android apps, plus digs deep about industry evolution trends with CEO Ryan Holmes including discourse on molecular structure and sentiment analysis – plus the backstory behind the crowd-sourced name (thanks again @mattnathan).

Blurb: Hootsuite is a new corporate client for Twitter that lets multiple users share one account, among other things. Here you see the latest Hootsuite client for iPhone demoed and we talk about the corporate Twitter client market.

More: He also visited BootupLabs and wrote a compelling article about the changes in entrepreneurial culture and the emergence of the worldwide startup.

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Didya notice? The tiki bar in the background of the shot with Ryan