Social Business Studies: How Seagate uses HootSuite Video

Meet Rich Harris, the Senior Manager of social media at Seagate Technology, a 30 year old technology company and #1 manufacturer of hard drives and storage solutions worldwide. Seagate is fully aware of the power social media has in turning communication into an interactive dialogue among communities and organizations.

Seagate’s social enterprise strategy not only exemplifies how global organizations can utilize and benefit from social media, but also how HootSuite streamlines their corporate conversations. Discover how they organized their social business to optimize customer support, brand awareness, ROI, and to streamline their internal workflow in Social Business Studies: Seagate video.

“Everyone looks at social media differently. The data needs to be different for each department, because we all have different goals and objectives.” – Rich Harris, Senior Manager, Social Media at Seagate Technology

Whether through mobile engagement and monitoring at events like SXSW, or reporting on specific departmental objectives, explore how this global B2B enterprise structures their strategy for B2C engagement through social.