Measuring Social Media for Brand Awareness – White Paper

Measuring Social Media for ROI White Paper SeriesSocial media can greatly contribute to your overall Brand Awareness picture by delivering cost-effective exposure, influence and engagement across the entire social web.

As our key target audiences continue to adopt to social media channels we can leverage our activities to show how we are contributing to public relations and advertising metrics that the company already has a history with, giving us a baseline for our analysis.

As you build your measurement strategy for Brand Awareness take a look at what is currently being reported to the executive team for public relations and advertising and put social media into the mix to see where you are delivering improvements.

This White Paper is the third in a series dedicated to understanding social media measurement. An Introduction to Social Media Measurement with HootSuite and Applying Social Media to the Sales Funnel began the series.

White Paper on Social Media ROIStay tuned for future topics: Measuring Social Media for Lead Generation and Measuring Social Media for Customer Retention. The series includes tutorials and case studies for using HootSuite to accomplish these measurement strategies.