#HootSuite White Paper Series on Applying Social Media Measurement to the Sales Funnel

Social Media Measurement for ROI White PaperIn our continuing series on Social Media Measurement for ROI with Nichole Kelly, we have the second White Paper ready for you to download. This one, entitled Applying Social Media Measurement to the Sales Funnel, demonstrates how to align the three core metrics of social media measurement with the sales funnel.

Translating Social Metrics

If you’re like many social media marketers today, you struggle with aligning the language of social media to company goals. How do you show how many sales were made as a result of your social media efforts? By applying social metrics to the sales funnel you can directly translate your efforts into sales, and compare with other media channels.

Utilizing the sales funnel to explain social media results will more clearly demonstrate how your actions are measuring up against goals. Campaign tracking will allow you to identify where leads are within the process and correlated numbers with each stage in the funnel. Find out more by downloading the White Paper today.

Ready for Download

Applying Social Media Measurement to the Sales Funnel is chock full of valuable measurement advice. Plus, 5 handy How-Tos for HootSuite Social Analytics are included.

The second White Paper is ready for you to download, share and even embed on your blog or website. And stay tuned for more coming soon — we’re releasing a new one every two weeks.

Continuing Studies

There are three more White Papers to come on measuring social media for ROI. Next up in our White Paper series:

3. Measuring Social Media for Brand Awareness

Followed by:

4. Measuring Social Media for Lead Generation
5. Measuring Social Media for Customer Retention

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About Nichole

Nichole Kelly of FullFrontalROI.com
Nichole Kelly of FullFrontalROI.com

We were thrilled to pair with industry leader Nichole Kelly to co-author this series. If you haven’t already seen her blog, her many appearances or her contributed articles, here’s a bit of an intro:

Nichole Kelly is a social media measurement coach and the publisher of FullFrontalROI.com.

After 12 years in corporate marketing creating accountable marketing teams, she used her talents to create a systematic way to measure social media and put it into the context of where it is delivering value to your organization and show bottom-line ROI. She has found that most marketers have the measurement tools they need and with the right language and the right strategy to put the pieces together; they can deliver results.