Social Media Security Best Practices ~ A Video from the American Marketing Association

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August 20, 2013

Since social media is now an essential part of business, many are now focusing their attention on perfecting their social strategies and securing these assets.

The latter is perceived by many to be a major challenge. Many companies question how you can keep social media accounts secure when several people at a company use them, or how to protect their brand image online.

By following a few basic social media security best practices, you can substantially decrease the risks many associate with these channels. These include centralizing control of social media accounts, creating complex passwords and using Single Sign-On technology. The American Marketing Association’s AMA TV network explains some of these best practices in the above video.

Recently we’ve seen an increased numbed of spammers trying to take advantage of people’s password weaknesses to gain access to people’s social accounts. You can find out more about password security in the blog post “The First Lesson in Social Media Security.” If you have questions about your HootSuite account, please contact HootSuite Help.

A more detailed look at social media security measures can be found in “The Five-Step Guide for Better Social Media Security.”