Social Update: Syndicated Tweets, Instagram Loops, Facebook Beacons and Social Superbowl Ads

Mondays are hard. If you’re feeling out of the loop, we’ve got just the remedy for you—Social Update, a weekly summary of all things social media, brought to you by the Hootsuite video team and hosted by Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Twitter announced that promoted content from the network can now be syndicated to partnering apps and sites for more visibility. Promoted Tweets will be seen on online resources such as Flipboard and Yahoo! JAPAN, and provide more exposure for the brands for the price of a Twitter advertisement.

But the 140-character network’s not the only one stepping up its advertising game. Instagram introduced a small change with a big effect on sponsored posts in the app: video posts will now loop continuously, similar to Vine, instead of playing once and stopping.

Watch the latest episode of Social Update to find out how Instagram’s new feature and syndication of Promoted Tweets can influence your social media marketing strategy. Also in this week’s episode: find out how Facebook place tips blur the line between social and physical worlds, and the winner of Superbowl ad views.

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