Get in the Game with Social Media


The following is written by Trey Magnum, HootSuite Campus Ambassador and undergraduate public relations student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Trey has a huge interest in managing online communities and social media, specifically entertainment. Go Tar Heels! 

Want to see social media at its finest? Look no further than the championship season. Whether it be NHL, NBA, NCAA, or any other athletic event of your choice – there is a breakout team and star. Athletic organizations and athletes are becoming more involved with building and engaging their communities. Just last year HootSuite sent Marcus Jung to share his social media insight at the NCAA International Convention where education professionals listened and discussed how to implement strategic communication on campuses. 

The 2013 NCAA Tournament is a prime example of how social media is being integrated into sports. Take the emergence of Florida Gulf Coast University as this year’s cinderella story and the injury of Louisville’s Kevin Ware go viral.

Everyone was tweeting about the #NCAATourney. I was sitting in my car at the drive-thru at Bojangles, yet I could track the score on HootSuite to see if the University of North Carolina (Yes, Go Heels!) was winning. At the same time I could switch streams to see the score in the VCU vs. Michigan game and be completely up-to-date in the world of #MarchMadness, all before receiving my four piece combo.

Be it on your computer or mobile device you can use HootSuite to stay up-to-date with any game of your choice. Here are some tips on how to keep up, and how to be engaged as well:


Tweet what you want, not a play-by-play 

More than likely those following along don’t want to know the exact moves of the players in the game. What they want to know is your commentary about the game. For example, instead of saying who has the ball right now, tweet about the coach who is about to catch a technical foul.

HootTip: Add a stream in your dashboard just for the game! Click “Add Stream” and whether it is the official trending hashtag for the game or just what people are saying about their favorite player, you’ll be in the know!


Pre-Game and Post-Game Talk

Don’t let all of your tweets fall only within the start and finish of the shot clock. Get involved in conversation before and after the game too! You may figure out who is the favorable opponent prior to the game as well as information about on what the teams are working on after.

HootTip: Use HootSuite to schedule tweets before and prior to the game. You can do this by composing your message then clicking on the calendar for scheduling. This will save you a few extra minutes to watch the pre and post game buzz as well! By monitoring streams you can also easily engage with other fans, chat with them during the event following the hashtag, and categorize profiles into lists (coaches, teams, influential fans, sports journalists, etc.)


Know what you’re talking about 


No one wants to hear ramblings about the game. You have to go hard or go home. If you’re a Kobe fan, know how about how many points he averages per game. Be able to tell if your favorite players and teams are on their A-game or not and see what others are saying.

HootTip: HootSuite’s Analytics feature allows you to quantify mentions, sentiment, and hashtags. You can also compare the stats for different teams and what games generated the most buzz, to inform your opinions. Check out this article to see how HootSuite’s analytics can help you get the facts straight and drive your point home: Florida Guld Coast Popular on Social Media


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