Tangerine and HootSuite Managed Services

Jaime Stein is the Senior Social Media Manager at Tangerine (formerly ING DIRECT). Along with the social media strategy around Tangerine’s recent re-brand, Jaime Stein is a thought leader and social media education advocate. He is a major proponent in building the Social C-Suite at Tangerine as well as awareness around the rise of the Social Business.

We recently had a chance to connect with Jaime at the kickoff of HootSuite’s global roadshow, Connect via HootSuite San Francisco, to discuss how Tangerine used HootSuite’s Managed Security And Compliance Services.

Preventing a rebranding disaster with social

Rebranding an established company can be potentially disastrous. When ING DIRECT decided to rebrand to Tangerine, they had to mitigate these risks. Jaime and his team at Tangerine were able to successfully and smoothly transition into Tangerine by using social media. Using HootSuite, they were able to monitor all of their social channels, communicate with their customers and ensure that the right information was being presented.

“Social has been key to the transition to Tangerine. It’s really helped us reach out to people and inform them of the changes” – Jaime Stein

Jaime also took advantage of HootSuite’s Managed Security and Compliance Services and had ING DIRECT complete a situational simulation. This tested different departments in ING DIRECT to ensure their communication plan for announcing a rebrand was solid.

“HootSuite managed services allows the communications department to be prepared if and when crisis situations occur.” – Jaime Stein

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