Top 3 HootSuite University Speakers of 2012


Over the past year, HootSuite University has released over 30 Lecture Series featuring industry leading brands, educators and individuals in the social space. This month, we’ve celebrated the season and the series with The 12 Days of Lecture Series, highlighting our most popular webinars of the year. We’re also recognizing our Top 3 Lecture Series Speakers of 2012, as voted by their fans.

We asked our HootSuite University students and webinar viewers to vote on their favorite speakers of the year, in order to showcase and recognize their thought leadership. From higher education, to real estate, to practical social media tips, the winning speakers come from all walks of social. And lucky for us, they’ve shared their knowledge and expertise through HootSuite University’s Lecture Series webinars, available to watch today.

And the winners are…

Brandon Croke, Inigral Inc.
Brandon Croke on TwitterAs the Community Manager for Inigral Inc., Brandon Croke works with schools and institutions to improve student enrollment and retention results with social media. Brandon has worked with colleges, Fortune 500 brands, and small businesses on digital marketing since 2005.

HootSuite University was keen to partner with Brandon earlier this year to share his knowledge and expertise on leveraging social media in the higher education market.

Learn more in Brandon’s Lecture Series on Driving Admissions through Community Building: Best Practices for Higher Education.

Katie Lance, Inman News

Katie Lance on TwitterKatie Lance is the Owner and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting and Chief Strategist at Inman News, a leading online hub for real estate news and technology.

She has nearly 15 years experience in marketing, sales, and training and specializes in speaking about applying social media within the real estate industry. Katie is also a self-proclaimed social media geek and iPhone addict.

Back in February, Katie worked with HootSuite University to create a focused and informative Lecture Series on How the Real Estate Industry is Leading the Way in Social Media

Josh Ochs, Media Leaders

Josh Ochs on TwitterWith background in marketing at Disney and a love for all things technology, Josh Ochs combines both to advise businesses on how to use social media. As the grassroots founder of MediaLeaders, the team that manages Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn for over 36 brands, Josh is leading the industry with traditional sales methods with new technology.

Josh outlines many of his counter-intuitive techniques in his latest book: “Light, Bright and Polite” which shares these tips with businesses of all types.

In April, HootSuite University teamed up with Josh to create a webinar on Tactical Tips & Tricks for Social Media Success, featuring best practices that you can start implementing with your social team right away.

Big thanks to our top 3 Lecture Series speakers of 2012 for their fantastic contributions to the HootSuite University Lecture Series! Wishing you all happy holidays and an exciting, successful year ahead.

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