Top Trending #Twitter Topics for 2011 from What the Trend #WtT

Justin Bieber Owns Center Stage, Followed by Soccer/Football and Lady Gaga as Top Twitter Trends for 2011

What the Trenda HootSuite Media company – analyzed 207,518 Twitter trends which surfaced in 2011 to determine the top trending topics of 2011. To capture the conversation, localized trend information was compiled every 5 minutes from Twitter and the What the Trend community added context with user-contributed definitions. Reviewing the resulting list gives a unique view of social media’s impact on all aspects of culture.

To compile this report, the leading trends were grouped by topic (i.e. #jan25 and #egypt were both added to the Egypt Protest topic) in order to create Top 10 lists for movies, US TV shows, musical artists, sports leagues, and world news – as well as an overall list which included definitions for the varied mix of pop stars, holidays and sports.

Top Twitter Trending Topics for 2011 from What the Trend, a HootSuite Media Company
Top Twitter Trending Topics for 2011 from What the Trend, a HootSuite Media Company

Global Conversation

Twitter Trends offer a unique overview of world events in an unprecedented, real-time stream of unfiltered information. Along with major world events, celebrity culture and politics, trends include company promotions and #hashtag memes – which can be difficult to understand. It’s also noteworthy to see the variety of topics coming from beyond North America, including Japan, Korea and Brazil where Twitter is a common part of everyday online conversation.

What is a Trend?

Trends rarely appear on Twitter’s trending topic list for more than a day, as such, What the Trend’s results differ from Twitter’s Year In Review: Hot Topics list. What the Trend’s research methodology examines all topics regardless of whether or not a topic has had long-standing popularity – including this year’s champion, Justin Bieber who is the topic of much discussion about Twitter’s trend tracking algorithm.

Twitter provides a detailed explanation of the Twitter’s Trending Topics:

Twitter’s Trending Topics algorithm identifies topics that are immediately popular, rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis, to help people discover the “most breaking” news stories from across the world. We think that trending topics which capture the hottest emerging trends and topics of discussion on Twitter are the most interesting.

Further, What the Trend awards ‘points’ for both duration and rank on the top 10 trending topics on to take the intensity of trends into consideration.

Seek more data? We plan to bring you more What the Trend data including infographics with specific country trends as well as monthly datasets for media outlets.

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