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Cool hat club — HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes and Tammy Camp

Replacing your RSS, one of the 20 sites to “Improve Your Twitter Experience,” and Blackberry excitement in Italy… all in a day’s work here at HootSuite HQ.

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Tammy Camp A Comprehensive Guide to HootSuite

HootSuite allows you to share add, edit, and share social network accounts, helping you manage your brand, or just helping you broadcast what you had for breakfast that day. If anything, unlike other aggregators, HootSuite is far more overwhelming than underwhelming.

It’s a beauty guidebook — thanks superstar Tammy!

Mashable – Top 20 Sites to Improve Your Twitter Experience

With its recent update and HTML5 support, social media dashboard HootSuitehas become one of the most useful Twitter web applications not only for individual users, but teams managing several accounts. In some ways, HootSuite has the look and feel of TweetDeck with the big differentiator of it being a web-based application, not requiring any downloads.

It’s always a treat to be mentioned in Mashable — and we love their new short URLs too!

It’s Worth Noting – Replacing your RSS reader with Twitter + Hootsuite

We’re living in an age of information overload.  The difficulty isn’t finding information, but sifting through it to focus on what’s important and matters to you.

RSS feeds became commonplace several years ago and have been a great way to consolidate information sources using a RSS reader (e.g. Google Reader, iGoogle or even Outlook).  While these RSS readers served their purpose, if you’re looking for the most efficient way to sift through information or you’re just getting into this game, I suggest a Twitter + Hootsuite setup.

This is a great strategy — the RSS tool is a little bit under-known but so mighty when applied to a purpose. Cheers.

Wisnet.com – How to Connect Twitter and Facebook to HootSuite

HootSuite’s feature-rich application gives anyone the ability to post updates to their social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. This tool can be used by your business to manage multiple networks using one interface. HootSuite has many features including the ability to schedule tweets, add attachments, and shrink long web addresses so they fit nicely on Twitter – which is restricted to 140 characters.

Screenshot from: Wisnet.com – How to Connect Twitter and Facebook to HootSuite

Another great guide with excellent annotated screenshots covering a lot of material – wow!

BlackBerry Italia – Hootsuite, aperta la beta pubblica del client Twitter per palmari BlackBerry

Google translation: For those who do not know yet HootSuite essentially offers a suite of tools to manage their presence on Twitter and other social networks – like LinkedIn – and given the continuing growth of people using Twitter have thought to open enrollment to their free beta RIM BlackBerry handheld.

They are even excited about HootSuite for Blackberry in Italy — Grazie tanto!

Aubreandrus.com – Latest Social Media Obsession: HootSuite

But is it really that amazing? Yes. You can check your facebook, twitter, linked in, foursquare, and even WordPress blogs in one place. Again — all on ONE page. One log-in. One easy password.

Glad to hear you share our obsession with making amazing-ness.

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