USA Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 88

With hundreds of millions of daily tweets and search inquiries in the United States alone, Twitter is rich with conversations and news updates. Our USA Twitter Trends of the Week captures the top trending discussions and breaks them down for you.

Top Overall Trend of the Week: Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were everywhere this week, from your TV screen to your computer and mobile devices. Twitter was lit up with talk of the fashion (who’s hot and who is most definitely not), the drama (you didn’t hear about Gabourey Sidibe’s Tweet?) and of course the winners.

12 Years a Slave took it home, winning Best Motion Picture (Drama), while Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Adams took home trophies for Wolf of Wallstreet and American Hustle. Spike Jonze had the Best Screenplay for Her, and Alfonso Cuaron took home Best Director for Gravity. To see the rest of the winners, take a look here.

Top Sports: NFL Playoffs

Sundays in January just would not be the same without Football Playoffs. As another week wound down we saw another four teams bite the dust: the Seahawks took the Chiefs 23-15, Patriots took the Colts 43-22, Broncos over the Chargers 24-17 and finally the 49ers over the Panthers 23-10. Twitter saw all kinds of playoff talk. What have we learned? That cheerleaders are some people’s favorite players, the NFL is talking about extending the playoffs and football fans across the country have a great time talking shop.

Top Tech: Nest

Google’s $3.2-billion acquisition of Nest (a company which sells smart thermostats and smart smoke detectors) had Twitter buzzing, especially after a penny stock with a similar name made significant gains after confusion by investors. Nestor, who sells traffic enforcement systems to governments, saw its stock price make a bizarre 1900% jump this week, after investors confused it with Nest.

What can we say, if you are looking to invest and can’t tell the difference between Nest and Nestor- maybe you should save your money.

 Top Video: Devil Baby Attack

If you were on social media at all this week, you likely caught the Devil Baby Attack video that was circulated on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. This promotional stunt for the movie Devil’s Due that is coming out this week got more attention then expected: it received 30-million views in just 3 days. 

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