Social Media Webinars: Now Available in Spanish and in the Evening

By Sam Milbrath



HootSuite is full of useful tools to ensure the success of your social media initiatives. That’s why our team of Social Media Coaches work with you to maximize your understanding of these tools and insider tricks within the HootSuite dashboard. Today, we’re proud to announce that not only has our talented Social Media Coach team expanded, but we’ve also added a HootSuite Pro Overview exclusively in Spanish and our first ever Overview Evening Webinar! Have any questions about the webinars or our Pro team? Tweet them at @HootSuite_Pro, they’d love to hear from you.

Meet our Newest Social Media Coaches

Meet Ada Juristovski

Meet Social Media Coach Ada Juristovski
Meet Social Media Coach Ada Juristovski

 Born in Novi Sad, Serbia, Ada Juristovski moved to Canada with her family when she was 3 years old. Ada speaks English and Serbian and Spanish, though poorly, that she picked up when living in Barcelona on exchange. After completing Commerce in University, she moved to LA for 9 weeks to complete her Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, which was something she wanted to experience before moving into a full-time career.

Specializing primarily in startup businesses, Ada has worked with, which is now the largest lyrics site in the world, and locAZu, the fastest growing platform for post-secondary students out there. Ada helped these startups identify their target audience and subsequently engage with and grow their online audience. Ada now works at HootSuite as one of our talented Social Media Coaches and is teaching Bikram on the side.

What are some of her secret social media tips and tricks? One of her favorite features is geo-locating Twitter searches. Limit your searches to within 100 meters of where you are and monitor conversations around you. Likewise, as a major fan of lists, Ada has created and is following lists of people right in her dashboard – brand influencers, competitors, mentors… whoever.

Meet Carla Cristoffanini

Carla Social Media Coach
Meet Social Media Coach Carla Cristoffanini

Born in Valdivia in Southern Chile, Carla Cristoffanini moved with her family to Canada when she was 12. Since moving, she’s been bit by the travel bug – Lisbon, Prague and Buenos Aires being her top 3 places to visit. Carla has a degree from SFU in Communications and has worked in communications and fundraising at many non-profit organizations such as UNICEF and Open Media helping with their social outreach.

Carla started at HootSuite on our Customer Support team, where she learned the dashboard and tech side of HootSuite like the back of her hand. After a year in support, she recently became one of our esteemed Social Media Coaches. What will she bring to the table in her webinars? Master of troubleshooting and problem solving, Carla knows the in’s and out’s of HootSuite and is ready to share her wealth of knowledge (plus she speaks French and Spanish). Here’s a hidden secret: Carla loves heights – from climbing to skydiving and bungee jumping, only gravity keeps her grounded.

HootSuite Pro Overview Webinar in Spanish

Todo lo que quieras aprender sobre el panel de HootSuite en español, en este webinar te ofrecemos nuestro resumen de HootSuite Pro para que puedas conocer a fondo todas las herramientas disponibles que te ayudarán a maximizar tu actividad en línea.

Carla Cristoffanini will host HootSuite Pro’s first ever Spanish Overview Webinar, on April 23rd. Like our English overview webinars, learn how to manage and build teams to maximize security and workflow, plus discover our best practices for your HootSuite dashboard profile and Organization setup – all in Spanish.

Discover effective use of HootSuite Pro collaboration and engagement features such as:

  • Team workflow

  • HootSuite Conversations

  • Geo-located search streams

  • Keyword streams

  • List creation

Lastly, we will do a brief overview of our quick and custom analytic features to ensure that you’re monitoring the success of every social initiative.

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HootSuite Pro Overview Evening Webinar

Our Pro Coach webinars are usually hosted at 8am, 9am, or 10am, Monday through Thursday. But what if those times don’t mesh well with your schedule? To cater to those with open evenings, we’ve created our very first HootSuite Pro Overview Evening Webinar.

In this webinar, learn our HootSuite basics on how to manage and build teams to maximize security and workflow, plus discover our best practices for your HootSuite dashboard profile and Organization setup.

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Discover more about our Social Media Coaches and their lessons on our HootSource blog. Interested in learning more about our Pro Coach programs? Learn more today about HootSuite Pro Coach webinars or register for another date.

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