Who to Follow to Stay Informed About Hurricane Patricia

A state of emergency has been declared in Mexico as Hurricane Patricia, a Category 5 storm and projected to be the strongest hurricane ever recorded, heads toward the Pacific coast.

Mexican authorities are asking residents to ensure that they stay up to date with regards to all developments of the hurricane to ensure their safety. To help social media users in Mexico—and around the world—we have compiled a list of government, weather, and emergency Twitter accounts that you can follow for the latest updates on storm advisories, rainfall warnings, and possible impacts to the region.

Our hearts go out to the communities who are being affected by Hurricane Patricia.

To get official information we recommend that you follow the following Twitter accounts:

For hydrometeorological updates

For warnings and alerts from civil protection

News from the Presidency of the Republic

To communicate in an emergency

We have created a Twitter list with all these organizations. Follow it here.