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Twitter looks to longer content with Notes

June 22, 2022

Twitter announced today that they’re launching Notes, a new feature that allows select users to publish longer content on the platform.

Right now, the feature is in the testing phase. As part of the test, a handful of writers have started sharing lengthier posts with their audiences. 

Note titles can go up to 100 words while the body of a Note is limited to 2,500 words – a stark difference from the current 280-character posting limit. Unlike regular posts, users are also able to make edits after it’s been published.  Read more


Twitter testing Product Drops reminder feature

June 9, 2022

Twitter is introducing a new shopping feature that will help marketers keep audiences up to date on product launches.

With Product Drops, users will be able to tap a “Remind me” button whenever a merchant tweets about an upcoming launch. The button can be found at the bottom of the Tweet. 

If users want to learn more about the product, they can click on the merchant’s Tweet, which will take them directly to a Product Details Page. This page will show the price, photos, and a product description as well as a clickable hashtag that will let users look up what other shoppers on the platform have to say about the product.

Twitter product drop reminders
Source: Twitter

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Twitter introduces Twitter Create, a monetization hub for creators

May 25, 2022

Following in the footsteps of TikTok’s Creator Portal and Instagram’s Creator Lab, Twitter has launched Twitter Create, a mini-site dedicated to helping creators monetize their accounts.

Formerly, the site was known as Twitter Media and provided product guides, case studies, and interviews with social media experts.

The site groups content by goals, such as monetization, engagement and relevance — the latter helping users learn how to be an influential voice on the platform. More goals are expected to come.  Read more


Twitter introduces two new ways to engage with Tweets

May 12, 2022

Twitter is currently working on a couple new ways that users can respond to Tweets, according to tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong.

One of those is a “pin reply” feature that will let users pin selected comments to the top of their replies section. Instagram and YouTube already have the feature, which helps creators highlight the responses they’d like their audience to see. 

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Twitter introduces audience curation feature with Twitter Circle

May 3, 2022

Twitter is currently testing a new feature called Twitter Circle, which will let users share content with a smaller audience.

The feature will allow users to choose up to 150 people who will be able to view their tweets when using the feature.

The feature appears to be in the same vein as Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature, where users can curate which followers get to see selected content.  Read more


Experts say a Twitter “Edit” button is in the works

April 22, 2022

Twitter appears to be developing an “Edit” button, according to mobile developers who share leaks on the platform. 

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi announced recently that an “Edit” button is in the works and that the feature will allow users to edit Tweets for up to one hour after publication.

Paluzzi shared that Twitter will indicate that Tweets have been altered by marking them as “Edited” right next to the time and date of the Tweet. Read more


Twitter launches new accessibility features globally

April 12, 2022

Over the last month, Twitter has been working on ways to improve the image description, also known as alternative (alt)…

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Twitter opens Professional Accounts to everyone

March 30, 2022

Twitter has officially made Professional Accounts available to anyone globally, the platform announced on its Twitter Business account.  Professional Accounts…

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Twitter is creating a new monetization option via Tweet Awards

March 16, 2022

Twitter appears to be working on a new creator monetization option called Tweet Awards, according to reverse engineering expert Jane…

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Twitter tests longer videos for subscribers

March 4, 2022

Twitter recently announced on the platform that they’re testing longer-form content with Twitter Blue subscribers.  As of March 4, subscribers…

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Twitter adds search bar in Settings

February 24, 2022

Twitter users will no longer need to dig around the Settings section when looking to update their accounts and other…

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Twitter expands DM message pinning to all users

February 18, 2022

Twitter users across Android, iOS and the web can now pin up to six DM conversations in their messaging inbox.…

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