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#Hootsclusive: How non-profits are changing their game with social media

Soupstock: 40,000 people enjoying music, sunshine and 242,000 portions of soup to stop the Mega Quarry.Photo Courtesy of Laura Berman

Can a social media campaign translate into real-life results? It’s a valid and particularly relevant question, especially for the not-for-profit industry. With high volumes of paperwork, national and sometimes international teams of volunteers, and donor-based financing, social media tools can be a not-for-profit’s best friend when it comes to organizing and staying true to a bottom-line. Whether it’s helping with public outreach or increasing campaign awareness in order to make a change, not-for-profit organizations across the globe are using social media tools for social good.

A great example of how not-for-profits are doing this is The David Suzuki Foundation and its involvement in Soupstock: where, with a whole lot of soup, this group of environmental pioneers helped stop North America’s largest rock quarry proposal.

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ね、知ってる?HootSuiteをご愛用頂いている会社とブランド ~ Hoo’s Hooting in Japan

Written by HootSuite Diplomat Stacey Lin 私は残念ながら、正月太りしました…. 2013年はHootSuiteが日本語版になってから三年目です。HootSuiteをご愛用頂いている会社とブランドは毎年増加してきました。誠にありがとうございます。書店から化粧品ブランドまでありますので, その中にもきっと皆様がご存知の方々がいらっしゃると思います。 今日はHootSuiteをご利用頂いている会社とブランドのご紹介!

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HootLandia! Saying Hello to #Portland Owls – @deschutesbeer, @thedorisdiaries, @jupiterpdx ~ Look Hoo’s Hooting Portland

  We can’t wait to share what the #PDX owls are up to and what better way to show off what’s happening here than by featuring the people who make Portland the best place to eat good food and drink good beer. From legendary breweries like @deschutesbeer to innovative groups like @sisterspdx, to re-modeled landmarks like

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HootSuite Retail

Shop ‘Til You Drop @WalMart, @Gap, @eBay @Sony and more! ~ Look Hoo’s Hooting Retail

Social media is not just for marketing, communications and support departments anymore – now smart businesses use social media tools and tactics to not only inform the customer, but to establish a company culture globally and to drive sales leads. From global enterprises like @walmart and @sony to purely online retailers like @ebay, @etsy and

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HootBus and The Capitol Dome

You Don’t Mess with @SXSW, The #Longhorns or @WillieNelson: Hoo’s Hootin’ #ATX

With the #SXSW music/interactive/film/etc festival just around the corner, we’ve noticed classic Austin companies and HootFriends alike using HootSuite: from the legendary Alamo Drafthouse Theatre; to the Longhorns at the University of Texas; longtime HootFan Willie Nelson; SXSW; heck, even the Governments of Austin and Texas choose our beloved dashboard to share their stories. Of

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Owly and the HootBus rolling into Austin

#SXSW 2013 ~ HootSuite Brings the #HootBus, #HootUps and HiJinks to Austin

Each year in March, delegates from all parts of the web/tech world make their descent into Austin, Texas for a massive gathering known as SXSW. Often referred to as “Holy Week,” SXSW is where startups launch, companies become famous and the future trends are cultivated. Basically, it’s a week-long marathon of panels, parties, presentations and

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HootUp NL Owly Mask

Nederland is de volgende voor HootSuite ~ Dutch update from @HootSuite_NL

The following is written in Dutch by HootSuite Netherlands Community Operative, Rolf van Velthoven. Als HootSuite,  een groeiend Social Media Management tool, zijn we nu gericht op de Nederlandse markt. Het HootSuite dashboard en de mobiele versies zijn nu compleet vertaald in het Nederlands. Dit is een nieuwe mijlpaal voor ons, een van velen. HootSuite

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Owly in London

HootSuite Explores Europe: Hooting in Even More Languages

The following is written by HootSuite German Community Wrangler, Christoph Ulbert. Since when are owls migrating birds? Owly appears to have spent a lot of time visiting countries in Europe this winter. Europe is such a diverse continent, and we have been working hard to learn a handful of new languages in just a few

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