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Think Like a Rock Star: How Katy Perry and YouTube Make Their Marketing About the Fans

Mack Collier is a Guest Contributor to the HootSource blog, and author of “Think Like a Rock Star.” 

Katy Perry knows how to connect with fans

Katy Perry knows how to connect with fans. Image by José Goulão on Flickr.

In the last couple of years, there’s been an added emphasis by brands on connecting with their brand advocates, or fans. Yet rock stars have always understood the importance of not only connecting with their fans, but trusting them and giving them ownership of their promotional efforts. Rock stars do this because they understand that the best marketing comes from a passionate fan, not a commercial that runs while you’re in the bathroom.

Katy Perry signing autographs with fans

Katy Perry signing autographs with fans. Image by Eva Rinaldi on Flickr.

A great example of embracing and empowering fans came with how Katy Perry structured a video contest she ran to promote her song Firework. Katy created the contest and gave away a trip for 4 to see Katy perform in concert, plus $10,000 cash. So it was a great prize. Katy asked her fans to submit a video to have a chance to win the prize.

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