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LinkedIn and HootSuite ~ A Guide by the HootSuite Social Media Coaches


Looking to Simplify your LinkedIn Management?

From the individual job seeker to an established local business, HootSuite Pro provides everything you need to manage your LinkedIn presence and make the most of the world’s leading business social network.

From posting and scheduling updates to your LinkedIn profile, maintaining and analyzing a LinkedIn Company Page, or monitoring and interacting with the updates of colleagues and connections in your home feed; all of this can be done from within the HootSuite dashboard.

To help you get acquainted with HootSuite’s LinkedIn integration, our team of Social Media Coaches has created a four-page LinkedIn guide.

Download our Social Media Coach LinkedIn Guide to learn more:

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HootSuite Conversations: Social Media Coach Series

The HootSuite Social Media Coach Team prefers to keep our group conversations out of email and inside the HootSuite dashboard. In our first two posts of this series, I set up the groundwork for Organizations and Team Collaboration, and now you’re ready for the ultimate Team tool…HootSuite Conversations. HootSuite Conversations is an all-encompassing internal collaboration

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Setting up your Organization: Social Media Coach Series

As a Social Media Coach, it’s my job to guide you on best practices when it comes to HootSuite and social media. Whether you use social media to promote your bicycle shop, tech start-up or non-profit org, the HootSuite Teams functionality makes it easy to support, collaborate and share social media with your colleagues. Your

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