Meta has announced it’s designing content-based controls to give advertisers more power over where their ads are displayed on both Instagram and Facebook feeds.

The new controls are being created to address concerns that advertisers have about their ads appearing next to certain topics that don’t align with their brands’ preferences. 

Back in November, Meta introduced Topic Exclusion controls for select advertisers as a way to more immediately appease advertisers unhappy about where their ads were showcased. Advertisers were able to choose three topics — news and politics, social issues, and crime and tragedy — to filter ads from popping up for people recently engaging with those topics on their news feed. 

The Topic Exclusion controls were meant to be a bridge between Meta’s current capabilities and their future vision of content-based controls. Meta has been working with the Global Alliance of Responsible Media (GARM) to develop these new content-based controls and ensure they’re aligned with the GARM Suitability Framework.

The new feature will appear primarily in English-speaking markets with plans to test the new initiative in the second half of the year. A bigger rollout is set to occur in early 2023. 

Next year, Meta will also expand controls to how ads appear in Stories, Reels, Video Feeds, and Instagram Explore. They’ll also begin offering the feature in additional languages.