In late June, Facebook announced the launch of Bulletin, a platform for independent writers and audio creators (including podcasters and Live Audio Room hosts).

Bulletin will be available to creators in the US. Tools focused on content creation, monetization and audience growth will include:

  • Publishing. Creators will have access to customizable, branded landing pages for their publications. Styling and customization options will also be available for individual pieces of content.
  • Subscriptions. Creators will receive subscription revenue and will own the content published on the platform as well as contact lists acquired through Bulletin. Payments will be handled via Facebook Pay.
  • Analytics. Bulletin will offer analytics tools helping creators understand their audiences and strategize for growth.
  • Discovery and distribution. Eligible written content will be distributed across discovery surfaces on the platform, including Facebook News. Distribution models for audio content will be introduced soon.
  • Community building. Creators will be able to use a combination of Groups, Live streams, and Live Audio Rooms to engage with their audiences. Dedicated features such as subscription-based access to Groups will be available.

Bulletin will also support creators with design services, assistance with financial services, and access to legal resources.

According to Facebook, the platform will promote full editorial independence.

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