Meta has announced it will be consolidating all of its automated ad products, such as Detailed Targeting Expansion and Automated App Ads, under Meta Advantage to help advertisers more easily access these products.

“Automated ad products help to improve the performance of your ads by relying more on machine learning, such as automatically finding the more relevant audiences or ad placements,” said Goksu Nebol-Periman, Vice President of Product at Meta, in a blog post.

“They also allow you to further simplify optimizing campaigns, so you can worry less about managing campaigns and get back to running your business. In fact, 77% of advertisers testing these automated products said they saved several hours a week using them.”

The Meta Advantage suite is going to include two kinds of products marked as follows:

  1. Advantage: Products work to improve manual campaign setups, like Detailed Targeting options.

  2. Advantage+: Products that automate an entire campaign flow or core step of a manual campaign setup, such as placements or creative.

Nebol-Periman also announced that in the near future Meta will be launching Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, which is currently in Beta testing and known as Automated Shopping Ads.

The product optimizes creative, targeting, placements and budget levers to “find the best opportunities to drive conversions,” Nebol-Periman says. 

Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns will roll out to all customers by the end of the year.