If you’ve ever wanted to hide a personal side of yourself from colleagues on Facebook, the platform is testing a new feature to let you do just that.

Facebook has confirmed that it’s testing a new feature that lets users have up to five different profiles from the same account. Users would be able to switch profiles from one login.

In a message to users, Facebook says the feature will allow users to “show off a different side.” That might mean having distinct profiles for different groups of friends, colleagues and family so you can curate what you share with certain audiences. 

Previously, the platform made it hard to create multiple accounts because it went against their terms and services. While users will now be able to create multiple profiles, those profiles will follow similar guidelines in that you can’t falsify your identity or impersonate others. 

That said, Facebook will only require using your real name on your main profile. You can choose any distinct name for your other ones.

The move is likely an effort to encourage more users to create and share content on the platform, especially younger users who are more drawn to TikTok and Instagram. 

Right now, only select users have access to the feature.