Facebook is not slowing down in its effort to create engaging spaces and experiences for the platform’s users. A recent batch of platform updates focused on Facebook Groups.

Facebook Group admins can now:

  • Customize the look and feel of Groups by changing color themes, post backgrounds and fonts.
  • Create a unique Group culture by hand-picking reaction emojis.
  • Enable preset collections of post formats, badges and admin tools.
  • Automatically send unique welcome messages to new users.
  • Pin announcements in a new Featured section that all users will see when they first open a Group.

Facebook is also making it easier for Group members to post in Groups. A new easy-access post button will move as users browse the Group, eliminating the need to scroll all the way back up to write a post.

new Facebook Group admin features
Source: Facebook

Other features that are still in the testing phase include:

  • Subgroups for specific topics, regions and occasions
  • Community fundraisers for group projects or to show appreciation to admins and moderators running a Group
  • Shops for Group merch
  • Paid subgroups that members can join on an opt-in subscription basis
New Facebook Group tools for admins
Source: Facebook

Facebook also revealed what’s in the pipeline for Facebook Groups. “Coming soon” features include:

  • Community awards (e.g. Insightful, Uplifting, Fun) that users will be able to add to specific posts, making the Group’s best content more visible
  • Community chats allowing users to connect on Facebook and Messenger in real-time
  • Recurring events for easier planning of regular get togethers, virtual or in-person