Instagram has introduced a Profile Embed feature which will allow users to embed a miniature version of their Instagram profile onto their website.

“Maybe you want to showcase your Instagram content or link to someone else’s,” Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, said in the announcement.

He explained that users have been able to embed Instagram photos or videos into websites for years, and this feature extends on that idea. Profile Embed is currently only available in the U.S.


Mosseri’s post also highlighted new Reels Visual Replies and Instagram Playback features.

With Reels Visual Replies, users can respond to comments on their posts with a Reel. (A similar feature has been available on TikTok for well over a year.)

Instagram Playback allows users to choose up to 10 of their favorite Stories to reshare with followers. The latter feature is likely seasonal and will only be available for another few weeks, helping users share recaps of 2021 with their Instagram community.