Video content, AI-driven recommendations, and feed algorithm experiments have become visibly more prominent on Instagram in the last few months. So prominent, in fact, that they triggered a Make Instagram Instagram Again movement, supported by both casual users and A-list celebrities.

The movement highlights just how many people are upset about how Instagram is testing fullscreen feeds (RIP square photos, you were once iconic) and how every video is a Reel now, as well as other changes that mimic TikTok.

Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian joined the “backlash” by… reposting this in their Stories:


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Seemingly in response, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri posted this Reel, in which he implied that the platform is, in fact, pivoting to video (whether elder Millennials like it or not) and acknowledges that the fullscreen feed is “not yet good.” He also gave Kylie and all the other disgruntled users some tips on how to clean up their feeds and see more of their friends’ content by muting recommendations in the settings. 


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The last time Kylie tweeted about a social media platform, Snapchat lost $1 billion, so we are not surprised that Instagram made sure to address all these concerns.

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