Instagram users across all 50 states in the U.S. will now be able to tag the products in their posts, the platform announced on Monday.

Previously, only creators and brands have been able to use product tags. Now, anyone with a public account will be able to do so. Instagram is also developing a way for users to tag products on Stories. 

E-commerce isn’t new to social media, but Instagram (along with other platforms like Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest) has been looking to enhance shopping experiences to attract more advertisers. 

Instagram’s findings show that 87% of users say influencers have inspired them to make a purchase and 70% of frequent shoppers look to the platform to find new products

Allowing all users to now share their favorite products is a move that will likely appeal to advertisers given that friend and family referrals are often the most trusted by consumers. In fact, consumers referred by a friend are 4x more likely to buy a product. 

Here’s how to add product tags to a post:

  1. Start creating a post.
  2. Tap Tag people.
  3. Search and tag the brand that produced the product.
  4. Tap Products.
  5. Tap the photo to start tagging products. Use descriptors to find the product. Once found, tap to add the tag.
  6. Finally, hit Share to publish the post.
Adding shopping tags to an Instagram post
Source: Instagram