TikTok is introducing a Friends Tab over the next few weeks to help users more easily connect with their contacts, the platform announced on social media. The new feature is designed to help users more easily find content from the people they’re already connected with. 

Social media expert Matt Navarra gave a sneak peek of the feature earlier this year, explaining that “posts are from followers that you follow back, accounts you follow, and other suggested accounts.”

He also revealed that TikTok had removed the Discover Tab and replaced it with the Friends Tab. The Discover Tab has been used to help users find trending videos, hashtags and creators. Users will likely need to turn to the search icon at the top of the homepage now instead.

As Instagram tries to increase content recommendations on the homepage based on what they think users might want to see, similar to TikTok’s For You page, it’s notable that TikTok is now trying to feature more content from friends – or at least followers that you follow back. The effort appears to be a way to further embrace community on the platform.