TikTok has announced a new partnership with NCSolutions (NSC), a consumer insights company, to help advisors measure the outcomes of their creative strategies.

Understanding sales lift is important for brands trying to measure just how useful their strategies are in pushing sales and bringing in revenue. With this new partnership, TikTok and NCS are looking to help advertisers follow the customer’s journey from their first digital impression on TikTok to an eventual digital purchase. 

NCS says they use machine learning technology and partnerships with other retailers to help quantify the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The TikTok and NCS partnership aims to help advertisers understand what sales were driven by TikTok, what buyer profiles look like from those who contribute to sales, and what TikTok campaign elements are most helpful for creating incremental sales. 

TikTok says those who’ve begun measuring campaigns with NSC have already seen positive benefits.

Specifically, 33 out of 36 campaigns “drove statistically significant lift, with an average return on ad spend of $2.66,” TikTok says. That’s considered 2.4x the average return on ad spend compared to the median NCS performance benchmark.

“TikTok’s suite of measurement solutions is geared toward proving the true value of each impression for brands. Our team of measurement and digital marketing experts are here to make sure that you have solutions you need to measure the KPIs that drive your business,” TikTok says.