TikTok has added a new trends discovery tool to help marketers keep up with what’s hot on the platform.

The tool, located within TikTok’s Creative Centre, is designed to help users understand what performs well so they can get inspired and increase engagement on their content.

Users can explore trending hashtags, songs, creators and TikTok videos. Under the hashtag option, users are also able to refine searches by industry, such as financial services, tech and electronics, sports and outdoors, and more. If you’re marketing a financial brand, for example, and see that “inflation” is trending, that might guide future content development. 

Marketers are also able to refine searches by country for all categories. When exploring influencer marketing, for example, marketers can look up who has the most followers and likes in a certain country, then click on a link to connect with them via TikTok Creator Marketplace.

This isn’t the first new feature to help advertisers understand what’s trending on the platform. In early May, TikTok launched TikTok Pulse, to help brands stay in the loop when it comes to entertainment and culture.

With the new feature, advisors can increase their exposure by paying for TikTok to present their content directly after top videos on the platform.