TikTok is currently testing a way for advertisers to reach audiences through search results, according to David Herrmann, a digital ads expert.

Hermann explains that the new search ads will appear above the “others searched for” terms with a “Sponsored” tag at the top of the page.

Hermann adds that after advertisers start running ads in search results, they’ll be able to pull the search terms of ads that converted. He suggests making a list of those search terms and then using them as titles in your top-performing TikToks to grab new viewers. 

By now advertisers know that TikTok isn’t just for kids. The app recently surpassed one billion users and TikTok ads can now reach over 825 million adults worldwide. 

Marketers and advertisers are already sharing ads via in-feed ads, image ads, video ads, spark ads, pangle ads and carousel ads.

Information about the new Search Ads remains scarce as TikTok hasn’t publicly spoken about their beta testing efforts. However, Search Ads have the potential to help advertisers leverage keywords to find their ideal audience, which means stronger sales in the long run.