Twitter is currently working on a couple new ways that users can respond to Tweets, according to tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong.

One of those is a “pin reply” feature that will let users pin selected comments to the top of their replies section. Instagram and YouTube already have the feature, which helps creators highlight the responses they’d like their audience to see. 

Social media marketers might use this to pin testimonial-like responses to a brand’s Tweet. 

Another new feature will allow users to begin a Twitter Live Space about a certain Tweet. Twitter Spaces are Twitter’s alternative to Clubhouse, an audio streaming app where people can do live talks, not unlike live podcasts. These audio chat rooms — on Clubhouse and Twitter — have been used by businesses to share thought leadership, Q&As, commentary on live events, giveaways, product releases and more

Twitter may be developing the feature with the hope that it will encourage more users to hop on Twitter Spaces.