Twitter has officially made Professional Accounts available to anyone globally, the platform announced on its Twitter Business account. 

Professional Accounts is currently a free feature designed for any person or business using Twitter for commercial purposes. Professionals can range from traditional businesses to creators, publishers and developers

To qualify, users must meet the following requirements:

  • You must not have a history of recurring violations against the Twitter User Agreement.
  • You have a complete profile with an account name, bio and profile picture.
  • Your true identity must be apparent on your profile. For instance, profiles that feature animals or fictional characters will be ineligible. 

Twitter hopes that Professional Accounts will support users in growing their presence on Twitter. Users with a Professional Account get access to professional tools not available to regular profiles. These include Professional Profiles, Twitter Shopping and Quick Promote. The latter is a feature that lets users promote Tweets to a large audience in just a few clicks. It’s an option for professionals who want to promote content without using the Twitter Ads campaign manager. 

To find the Twitter for Professionals tab, users can either go to their profile settings or open the sidebar on their Home timeline in the app.