Twitter is currently testing a new feature called Twitter Circle, which will let users share content with a smaller audience.

The feature will allow users to choose up to 150 people who will be able to view their tweets when using the feature.

The feature appears to be in the same vein as Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature, where users can curate which followers get to see selected content. 

Currently, only a small group of users will have access to the feature.

If chosen, Twitter will provide a prompt asking if you want to share your tweets with a smaller crowd. Only people in the circle will be able to see and reply to those tweets. When tweeting, Twitter will start asking if you want to tweet to your Twitter Circle or to everyone.

Users can add and remove people in the circle as much as they wish, and others won’t be notified once they’re removed. 

Users will be able to tell if they’re in the circle because text will appear in green underneath the private tweet saying, “Only people in @user’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet.” Retweeting, Quote Tweeting and sharing won’t be available to those in the circle.