New Webinar! The Business of Social: If Your Janitor’s Not Tweeting, You’re Doing It Wrong

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Join us on November 7th for “The Business of Social: If Your Janitor’s Not Tweeting You’re Doing it Wrong” at 11 am PT.

Building a solid social media strategy is essential to your organization’s success. Social media is no longer an add-on, but an increasingly essential business tool. When you analyze your organization’s social strategy, you should be able to answer these simple questions:

Who owns social in your organization?

Is your social media management style containment or empowerment?

How effectively can you scale your social reach?

Learn how to jumpstart your social strategy with HootSuite VP of Partnerships and Corporate Development, Matt Switzer.


Join HootSuite Enterprise for our upcoming webinar: ‘The Business of Social: If Your Janitor is Not Tweeting You’re Doing it Wrong’ to learn how to scale social to meet the needs of any enterprise business. Hosted by our VP of Partnerships and Corporate Development, Matt Switzer, check out this on-demand version of our webinar.

Meet your Host

Matt Switzer portrait by Kris Krug
Your host, Matt Switzer

Hello, my name is Matt Switzer and I’m the VP of Partnerships and Corporate Development here at HootSuite. I work with our customers, partners and investors to explore different solutions to achieve our goal of revolutionizing social media.

What will I be speaking about in the webinar? Over at HootSuite, we are lucky enough to work with a wide variety of business types. We constantly engage in social with global enterprises and governments and over to millions of small and medium sized businesses. The learning never stops. In this webinar, I will share what I’ve learned with you. Let’s explore the differences in the social approach of two very different types of companies. Find the perfect social solution for your business model. Register for the webinar for free below.

This webinar is geared toward all sizes of business and all those interested in discovering how to scale social to meet your social networking needs.

What 3 things can you expect to learn?

  • Two different business models for how companies adopt and manage social.
  • How to activate legions of brand advocates who are passionate about your brand.
  • How to make the world’s best macaroni and cheese. Just kidding. I’m a social expert, but I can’t cook.

Register today to learn the secret ingredients of a successful social integration for a wide range of business models.

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Evelyn Crende
Evelyn Crende 5pts

Hi I am starting the social media tool as part of this year's marketing plan and strategy of a Photo and digital center in Caracas, Venezuela. I personally have experience with it since my two teen kids have kept me on my heels!!!! But am eager to learn how to help improve the business.

Thanks!!! Looking forward to it!

Sharon A
Sharon A 5pts

Looking forward to webinar, I find Hootesuite helpful for Twitter, but always looking to better ways to use social media.