New Webinar with the City of New York – Social City

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Webinar with HootSuite Enterprise and the City of New York


In the city that never sleeps, neither does social, which is why HootSuite is pleased to host Rachel Haot, chief digital officer for the City of New York in our latest webinar “Social City” on Tuesday, November 20th, 11 am PST.


In this special presentation from HootSuite Enterprise, you will learn:

  • How the City of New York built and implemented their social media strategy
  • The philosophy that is the backbone of their social media guidelines
  • How the City of New York used social media during the Hurricane Sandy crisis to connect to its citizens and keep them updated

Using the right tools, guidelines and vision, the City of New York built and implemented a powerful social media strategy to keep the city connected and updated instantly. Their innovative strategy empowers each city department to distribute content through social channels while maintaining centralized control during emergency situations.

Meet the Speaker

Rachel Haot is the Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York, tasked with realizing Mayor Bloomberg’s strategy to make New York City the world’s leading digital city. Using the city’s digital roadmap, Rachel is daily engaged with modernizing the way City government engages with the public online. See the full strategy at

Be sure to follow Rachel on Twitter – @rachelhaot

Join HootSuite Enterprise and Rachel Haot for “Social City” on Tuesday, November 20th, 11 am PST. Register here.

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