Introduction to Creating a Social Media Strategy – Social Media Coach Series

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In 2014, it is predicted that investment in social media will become a necessity, and today every business is expected to have an active presence online. But if you’re new to it, or you’re the only one managing social media for your business, how do you know where to get started with your social media plan? How do you know if your social media efforts are paying off?

HootSuite University and the Social Media Coach Team are pleased to announce our upcoming webinar on January 6 at 9am PST / 12pm EST, covering an Introduction to Creating a Social Media Strategy.

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Kristina Cisnero

Join Kristina Cisnero, HootSuite Social Media Coach, and explore:

  • Establishing attainable benchmarks and goals

  • Planning out relevant, useful content to share with your audience

  • Using analytics to understand your customer’s needs

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to get started creating, implementing and measuring your social media strategy, in order to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Interested in continuing your social media education?

Since 2011, over 45,000 success-minded social media professionals have obtained accredited training, education and certification from HootSuite University. Stay ahead of the social media curve by learning new strategies and tactics or simply sharpen your skills and earn your Certification to enhance your social ROI.

Our Social Media Coach Team provides hands-on support for achieving social media goals with the HootSuite dashboard. To learn more about your Pro dashboard’s capabilities from the experts who know it best, register now for any of our weekly HootSuite Pro webinars.

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Megan Johnston
Megan Johnston 5pts

I would also be interested. I see I just missed yesterday's webinar. 

Beth 5pts

If we can't attend live, is there any way to get a recording, transcript, something? Very interested but have a schedule conflict I can't change.

evanlepage moderator 5pts

@Beth Hi Beth! Thanks for reaching out. We will be hosting this webinar again on Monday, December 16th, you can register here:
You can also learn exactly what you need to create a social media strategy in HootSuite University's new courseware, which is the content on which this webinar is based:
Hope this helps Beth! Let us know if you have any further questions.

Beth 5pts

@evanlepage Thanks for the reply but the 2nd one is also during work hours. My boss wants the benefit of me having attended without it actually cutting into work time. What can I say? So will this ever be repeated at another time that's not during conventional work hours or is there a way to get a repeat or transcript? Some webinar services off such features. Thanks!

Adrienne Lawrence
Adrienne Lawrence 5pts

@evanlepage Thanks for sharing a link to the next training. Turns out I won't be able to make it to either training. Is there a page with all of the training times listed so I can find one that works with my schedule?