HootSuite Updates Facebook Pages for a Better Facebook Management

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 34 Comments

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HootSuite makes improvementsWe’ve got a treat for all the Hoot Fans using Facebook Pages in your dashboard – we’ve updated Facebook Pages to take advantage of the recent updates from Facebook. These tweaks will give you more functionality and reliability, plus enable us to roll out more new features down the road.

New for Pages

With this update, you can:

  • Post as your Facebook Page: Post comments as your brand rather than from your personal profile – particularly handy to retain brand consistency for premium users with multiple team members posting on your profile
  • Delete Facebook Page comments: Now you can quickly remove inappropriate comments from your Facebook Pages without having to leave the HootSuite dashboard – great for getting ahead of potential problems and unsavoury remarks

tool for facebook


To use the new Facebook Pages features, you need to re-authenticate your Facebook account within HootSuite. Next time you use your Facebook Page streams in HootSuite, you’ll see a pop-up prompting you to re-authenticate by following a few simple steps – you only have to do once (you can also send an email to the Team owner to request the update if needed).

We have a Help Desk article to lend a hand if needed.

What’s Next?

The future holds many great things for HootSuite and Facebook Pages so stay tuned – and remember to re-authenticate your account in order to get access to new these features.

What do you want to see next? Let us know in the feedback channel where you can post requests or vote up other suggestions. And if you like what we do, visit our Facebook Page and “Like” us. We like that.

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petewiniarski 5pts

is it possible to tag someone in fb if you are scheduling a post for a time in the future? Sometimes you want to get credit for mentioning someone in a posting.

Thank you

Julie 5pts

Checking in to see if this feature is available yet. Thanks for any info!

Seth 5pts

Any word on this feature request?

Maria 5pts

You say that you can delete inappropriate comments on FB w/o leaving HS dashboard but you don't link to HOW!!

Jeanine 5pts

I would love to use tagging in Facebook Pages and upload photos. At least on the iPhone App the latter seems only to be possible by first creating the post for Twitter and then shift to Facebook to use the link, but that won't show the picture the FB way

Hugh Macken
Hugh Macken 5pts

I don't seem to be able to post to my facebook pages as my page rather than as my personal profile. I have re-authenticated my pages, logged out of hootsuite and logged back in, tried to schedule using the publisher console and nothing seems to work. One of the reasons I decided to get a premium account was because I noticed this post explaining this feature above. Can you clarify what I need to do to use this feature. Hootsuite rocks! Thanks! Hugh

Luca NY
Luca NY 5pts

You should introduce the facebook mention "@" in Hootsuite

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Please check the ongoing updates on this FB page conundrum in the Help Desk: http;//help.hootsuite.com


Greg L.
Greg L. 5pts

This is getting ridiculous. I have tried to upgrade my account since this new update and have been unsuccessful each time. I've tried everything except erasing my social network. I am tired of having to erase it and put things back when I add it again.

Everytime I get prompted to upgrade my account I follow the steps but I never see a screen that has the "allow" button. The screens flick for a split second. Then it says "Upgrade complete" but then prompts me to upgrade again.

I recently changed my Facebook password and now the integration is totally screwed up. I erased Hootsuite from my Facebook privacy settings. I was then given the pages to allow it again through Hootsuite and it still didn't work. I cannot access my Facebook Fan pages at all and still cannot upgrade Hootsuite.

I'm going to try to erase my account next but I am not happy about having to do this again. Like I mentioned, erasing accounts and then adding them back and getting all my tabs set back up is a major pain.

Tom 5pts

Does this new page functionality allow me to create a stream that shows my pages news feed? Not just my posts on my page, but the news feed for all the pages that my page has 'liked"

When I use facebook.com as a page, the Home / NewsFeed shows this and I am trying to figure out how to do it in Hoootsuite


Kristina 5pts

I got hootsuite on iphone and tried to register my facebook personal and fanpage and it's only showing my personal account. Am I missing something?

It's working on the browser version...

Thanks for any help!

Darren Fishell
Darren Fishell 5pts

Will there be any integration with the Facebook tagging capability in the near future? I really like the integration but still need to head to the Facebook page on occasion for posts where I wish to tag another page or user.

Thanks! Hootsuite makes my life so much easier.

D 5pts

I keep trying to re-authenticate, but it doesn't work. After I re-connect hootsuite with my facebook account it says "Upgrade Complete"

But a few minutes later I get the message: "One or more Facebook Pages needs your attention..."

I re-authenticate again.. again it says "Upgrade Complete".. and again, a few minutes later I get the message: "One or more Facebook Pages needs your attention..."


Doug 5pts

I was getting the same thing. I finally just deleted the profile and then re-added it. No problems now. Seemed to be associated with FB Pages with Admins that Hootsuite was treating as Team Members.

Greg L.
Greg L. 5pts

I keep getting prompted to upgrade my pages, even right after I upgraded them. I follow the steps to re-authorize my page, but then moments later I see the message near the top of Hootsuite that says "One or more of your Facebook Pages requires your attention"

Doug 5pts

Why are Facebook Page admins now showing up as Hootsuite Team Members?

Tom Slominski
Tom Slominski 5pts

It would be great if HootSuite would accept my name as "Tom".

Seth 5pts

Great update, but I manage 40 Facebook pages and re-authorizing them all is a real hassle. Is there a way to do it en masse?