Could it be time to say goodbye to Twitterfeed? HootSuite can now send an automatic ‘New Blog Post’ tweet, with your blogs link attached. Add as many RSS feeds as you like, and send ’em out over multiple Twitter profiles at once. Each tweet from your RSS feed gets its own URL, so you can track click-throughs on every new blog post you tweet about. Best part of all? It’s super simple use. How cool is that?

Here’s a quick YouTube video on using HootSuite as your RSS feed:

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Dr Randi
Dr Randi

If I have an App-can I get my hootsuite post to go to the App?  Is there an RSS feed from hootsuite out?

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator

@Dr Randi Thanks for the post!

You'll be able to add RSS feed that is published from your blog, website, etc. Hootsuite acts in a way that if you have a blog (let's say) and you want to update your Twitter account every time your blog is updated, you can set this up on Hootsuite. However, Hootsuite does not have its own RSS.

I hope this clarifies!

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