LIVE/WORK: Portrait of Progress to Keep you Moving

By Sam Milbrath | 2 years ago | 1 Comment

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“I stop when I sleep” says HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes. This sentiment is shared by many leaders in culture, business, music and fashion, who’ve turned their passion into progress and found their life’s work. And when Ryan’s not working to simplify social media communications, he’s cycling Vancouver’s winding seawall and mountainous terrain; demonstrating his “work hard, play hard” balance.

In collaboration with and BlackBerry, the LIVE/WORK project shares insight on how industry icons like Ryan HolmesJeanne Beker and K-OS, make it work:

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Check out the LIVE/WORK project to get more insights from industry leaders.

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Mitch Gallant
Mitch Gallant 5pts

Love the post and love to see what successful people do day to day. Great project. I love what I do so much that it's always on and now having an 11 month old baby girl has been an amazing shift, still always on but with different priorities and better smiles when I go home :-D