The 3 Social Brand Personas and How to Manage Each of Them

Every single day, you log onto social networks and leave bits and pieces of your thoughts behind, in an attempt to create an accurate picture of your personality. And you create your own digital identity every time you upload a vacation photo, “like” a status update, or comment on a blog post. Even if you’re not particularly looking to create a personal brand, you’ll soon discover that everything you do online somehow adds up to build a social media persona that represents you in front of everyone that you interact with. Which means that your reputation is inherently dependent on what you do and how you act online.

But what happens when your job requires that you handle not just your personal brand, but your employer’s brand as well? Experience has shown us that social media practitioners handle this issue in many different ways. You can’t actually separate the two, because that’s what being social is all about: bringing your personal self into your work to make your approach more human—and this certainly is a challenge.

We’ve all heard of situations when people involuntarily sent out a personal rambling of any kind from their company’s official account. Or people who’ve complained of their bosses on their personal profiles, only to discover that the very person they’ve been talking about could actually see the updates. These and other examples make it clear that it’s become almost impossible to completely separate your personal and professional online lives.

So what are the options you have available when maintaining the online presence of your employer, as well as your own? uberVU via HootSuite has come across a number of situations a Social Media Manager has to deal with, and that’s the reason why they decided to discuss the three most encountered options for Social Media Persona Management.

Together with a checklist to manage each of these options, uberVU via HootSuite came up with tips and tricks to avoid any unnecessary incidents, from disclosing private information to losing control over an official account. uberVU via HootSuite also wanted to display some specific examples and challenges for each use case, while helping you make a decision on the most appropriate way to handle these challenges. But probably the most important question the whitepaper answers is this one: Which Social Persona Management option is right for you?

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