Liz Stanton

Liz Stanton is an Inbound Marketing Specialist and associate editor of the Hootsuite blog, the industry's largest social media blog with more than 4 million monthly visitors. After years of freelance writing and a brief stint in graduate school, she transitioned to a full-time marketing career in 2018.

Before joining Hootsuite in 2022, Liz worked as a brand strategist, content editor, and digital campaign manager. She specialized in helping digital marketing agencies, B2C businesses, and SaaS startups build their brands and improve conversions through content marketing and social media.

Liz loves helping writers craft clear, compelling copy that tells a story and makes an impact. When she's not working on new content for the blog, you'll find her scrolling Instagram and TikTok in search of the latest social media trends. See more of her credentials on LinkedIn.

Liz lives in Vancouver, BC. In her free time, she likes to continue her hunt for the city's best chocolate chip cookie (winner to be determined by cage match).


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