Connecting the City of Melbourne with HootSuite

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.45.52 PMBeing named the world’s most liveable city comes with strings attached. Staying ahead of the curve for innovation, sustainability and transparency, to name a few. To uphold this and connect with citizens, Australia’s City of Melbourne revamped their social media strategy.

“Our audience use social media heavily and so a dialogue with them is essential. Plus we have a vast amount to offer and share about the world’s most liveable city” – Stephen Ross Scott, Senior Digital Strategist, The City of Melbourne.

In this case study, discover how the City of Melbourne kept their citizens informed and engaged while increasing accessibility with the help of HootSuite Enterprise solutions:

  • Social Media Management: Create digital strategies for the City Of Melbourne’s sites and channels and manage all social networks from one secure dashboard.
  • Social Customer Service: Connect directly and engage effectively with Melbourne citizens in effort to learn more about what their audience needed.
  • Social Marketing:  Provide Melbourne citizens an accessible way to stay informed about news and information to do with their city through social media.

At HootSuite we offer a robust set of social media tools to help government organizations effectively and securely manage their social media strategies. Use HootSuite to listen and track your social conversations, securely collaborate with team members, engage with your followers, schedule messages and analyze your social media metrics.

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